Chalet waterside in Bombinhas. Make your reservation.  Chalet waterside in Bombinhas. Make your reservation.  Chalet waterside in Bombinhas. Make your reservation.  Chalet waterside in Bombinhas. Make your reservation.  Chalet waterside in Bombinhas. Make your reservation.
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Located at the Zimbros` Bay (City of Bombinhas), the beach has calm and clear waters surrounded by mountains, coasted by the famous green forest of Brazil. We invite you to enjoy the bird singing and nature.

Zimbros was the first beach of the City of Bombinhas seen by the azorians that colonized the peninsula and discovered an aromatic fruit from a plant called zimbros. This seed is used to this day on the fabrication of the cachaça, it has almost been extinguished from the beach. Nowadays, Zimbros is a very quiet beach, where life runs smoothly all over the year. At the shore line, fishing boats make the visual even more colorful and give a special charm to this environment so enchanting.

The beach is one of the most wanted places between families, because the water is very calm every day. On the right hand side of the beach there is a trail where you can access the Costeira of Zimbros.

* Bombinhas is known as the ¨Capital of the Eco Dive¨ (considered best diving spot in Southern Brazil), also, elected by the third time as the third best beach in Brazil.



For those that appreciate walks, trekking or mountain bike trails, among the preserved nature, at a 350 meter distant from the Pousada dos Ingleses (located on the extreme right hand side of the bay) there are tracks along 8 kilometers of the shore line that leads to desert beaches such as Cardoso, Lagoa, Triste and Vermelha. During the walk, do not forget to enjoy the water fall of the Praia Triste and roll over in the medicinal sands, as the local folks say.(the access to those beaches are by boat or trails only)*

*The walk on trails must be known by the Pousada dos Ingleses staff.


Bombinhas is one of the largest shellfish culture producer of Brazil, the largest in the region is located at Zimbros and Canto Grande neighborhood.

Find a local fisherman a try fresh shellfish.


The calm waters of the Zimbros` Bay favors swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle, kite surfing, wind surfing, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing and other.

Boat tours can be arranged by the Pousada dos Ingleses staff.


Established by the law n0: 99.142 of march, 120 , 1990, covering 17.800 hectares, at a medium distance of 11 kilometers of the coast, the Marinha do Arvoredo Biological Reserve includes the islands of Gales, Arvoredo and Deserta and also the Calhau de São Pedro. It is located west of the Zimbros` Bay and north of Santa Catarina island, where part of the City of Florianópolis is situated.

The environmental protection area was created not only to preserve nature but also for the historical and architectural matter – the grave yards of Sambaquis and Itacoatiara are archaeology vestige of human occupation over 2 thousand years ago.

The main ¨star attraction¨ of the archipelago is the island of Arvoredo, enchanting all levels of divers, those waters provide one of the best of Brazil`s diving areas.

As well as every other island, Arvoredo has limited access authorized only by Ibama (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis), only an amount of 20 people are allowed to spend the day enjoying the marine fauna favored by the encounter of  Brazil´s and Malvinas` sea currents, with up to 25 meter deep visibility. Among the variety of species that inhabit the area are morays, groupers, dusky, sardine schooling and squids. There are also a natural nursery of many migratory birds such as atobas, frigate bird, common tern and other.

The path towards can, take up to two hours. For those that are not familiar with wetsuit, air cylinder and breathers, local companies offer the ¨baptism¨ it is a dive course that does not require previous practice, given by certified instructors.

At Gales` island, the one closest to the continent (7 kilometers), adventurers find an extra awesome place: the Lili tugboat, shipwrecked in 1958.

*Make your boat trip or dive ¨baptism¨ reservation with the Pousada dos Inglese staff.


It is the primary tourist attraction of Bombinhas. Located at Canto Grande Beach, the Monkey Mount, it is 153 meters high, at its summit, the Mariscal`s inlet and the the Arvoredo`s archipelago view is astonishing. It is the most used trail because it can only be done by foot. The road to the Monkey Mount also goes to the Tainhas`Beach.

*At the summer season people can appreciate paragliders flying of the peak.


Accessed by the Tainha`s Beach, the Eco Overlook 3600 offers a 3600 view, as the name suggests, over the region of Bombinhas` City. People enjoy the most beautiful view of the beaches of Santa Catarina, seeing also the Mariscal`s Beach, The Monkey Mount, the Zimbros inlet and the north side of the Santa Catarina island (City of Florianopolis).

At the button of the mount is the 3600 Museum, visitors will check out some of the variety of the local padded fauna and can be prepared to walk the trail to the overlook, which is maintained by the ONG that runs the place. There is a small fee of R$5,00 (five reais, around US$2,50, two and a half dollars) that is used to keep the place up and running. It is guaranteed every penny worth of fun and much more.

The Eco 3600, also offers arvorism (tree climbing) and two zip–lines, gives practitioners the opportunity to observe wildlife from the perspective of birds, in the exuberant nature.

*It is a great opportunity to enjoy the sun set with your loved one; do not forget your camera.

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